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( capacity : 10,000Ton/year )     
Classification Process Equipment
Press Compact 20Ton ~ 800Ton Press
Sizing 5Ton ~ 500Ton Press
Coining 300Ton Press
Furnace Sintering Mesh Belt Furnace
Pusher Furnace
ST Steam Treatment Furnace
Vaccum sintering Vaccum Furnace
Machining line Machining Clutch Hub machining line
V.V.T Sprocket machining line
Cam Sprocket machining line
V/Seat machining line
B/Cap machining line
Carrier O/D Planet Machining Line
Others(V/G, O/P Rotor)
others Induction hardening Automatic induction hardening machine
Barrel Barrel Machine
Shot Shot Blast Machine
Deburr Deburring machine
Magnaflux Magnaflux Machine
Wash Ultrasonic Washer
Ispection 3-Dimensional Measuring equipment(CNC), Roundness tester, Roughness/ Profile tester, U.T.M, Carbon Analyzer, Rockwell/Brinell/Vickers Hardness tester, Micro Hardness tester, Gear tester, Metallurgical Optical Microscope and other 30 pcs.
Tooling Machining Center, CNC Forming Grinding Machine, CNC E.D.M, Wire Cutting Machine, Cylingercal Grinding Machine, Milling Machine and other 20 pcs.
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